Chapter 1427: The Primordial Stone Golem Tribe

Jiang Chen peered at the palace with the power of the Evil Golden Eye.

Surprised by his golden eyes, the Vermilion Bird sighed with praise. “Tsk, young man, your eye technique is quite interesting.”

An eerie, thick black haze shrouded the inside of the palace, obscuring the young lord’s vision. No matter how strong his consciousness was, he still couldn’t compare to a divine ancient beast, even one nearing the end of its life.

“What do you see?” the bird asked.

“An eerie, black fog.” Jiang Chen’s tone was grave.

“The demon’s unexpectedly repressed his appetite. Instead of devouring the humans, he must be imparting demon arts to them to turn them into useful pawns,” the divine bird responded with conflicted tones.

“Hmph, as long as the demon...

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