Chapter 1426: The Ultimate Treasure of the Sect?

Jiang Chen replied anxiously, “Senior, how do you know we’ll fail before we even try?”

Newsun nodded in agreement. “Senior, young lord Jiang Chen is a one of a kind talent who’d compare favorably to the ancient geniuses. Maybe what the ancients left behind is waiting for him!”

Dazed with no coherent thought in his mind, he instinctively felt Jiang Chen was a ray of hope for humanity’s future. For example, when everyone had scrambled for the vortex, only he had stayed outside. Such a detail demonstrated the young lord was unlike any other.

“Follow me!” The Vermilion Bird may be the realm’s guardian, but it knew that it was currently powerless. In the end, human affairs were best left for humans to deal with.

Jiang Chen and Newsun glanced at each other, then flew...

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