Chapter 1425: The Demon Mind Brand

What pride of a great emperor? Dignity of a cultivator? None of it mattered at this juncture. The overweening Long Baxiang had been squashed like a bug. At this sight, the remaining cultivators gave up all idea of resistance.

“My lord, we surrender to you!”

“I also pledge myself wholeheartedly to you! My lord, please spare me!” Cloudbillow, experts from the Sublime Chord Temple, Empyrean River Palace, and Eternal Celestial Capital... all mentally crumbled.

Long Baxiang’s death had destroyed the last bit of their battle spirit. Only terror was left, and a desperation to serve. The scene was deathly still. Apprehension gnawed at them. Surely, their attempt to flee must have deeply offended the demon lord?

They no longer had a way out. They could only wait for their sentence.

The celestial demon was...

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