Chapter 1424: An Enormous Hand of White Bone

When the domain’s temperature dropped sharply, everyone felt that they’d plunged into an endless abyss of an icy hell. Their very souls shivered.

Join the celestial demons?

That was a surprise beyond words. Many of these cultivators had little in the way of morals and had committed their fair share of wickedness in daily activities. But they had also been uniformly taught to fear the demon race since birth. Demons were the mortal enemy of humanity, a plague upon the world. Therefore, each and every human cultivator despised and dreaded the demons.

Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined joining evil one day. Alas, that was the choice before them. Either they joined, or they died!

The celestial demons had led the invasion into Divine Abyss Continent in ancient times. Even the other demon races subjugated themselves before their celestial brethren.

Just as the demon lord had said, he wouldn’t have cared about these human cultivators if he wasn’t currently derelict and in desperate need...

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