Chapter 1423: Terror and Despair

As an ancient creature, the Vermilion Bird knew as a matter of course that the Divine Abyss Continent wasn’t limited to the human domain.

“Young man, I am an ancient being. I understand much more about this continent than you do. Long ago, I owed a favor to humanity. That’s why it is my duty to protect this place. I can fail in that duty, but I cannot shun it by departing. Do you understand?”

Its extended loneliness filled the Vermilion Bird with patience. It also found it odd that it would explain so much to a human youth who understood the ancient beast language.

Jiang Chen was filled with respect when he heard the bird.

As expected of a creature of the four sacred beasts’ lineages! Its natural nobility meant that a promise was weightier than gold. This kind of enduring spirit was worthy of admiration in anyone.

“So what you’re saying is that the lord of the celestial demons struggling free of the seal is a kind of freedom for you as well, senior!” Jiang Chen exclaimed.

“Maybe according to your human way of...

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