Chapter 1421: A Celestial Demon Lord?

In ancient times, strong creatures often indulged in extreme violence when close to death. For example, a massive slaughter or mobilizing a beast tide on the human world. Perhaps the weakened Vermilion Bird’s rampage could also be explained in this way. Jiang Chen could tell that it was at the end of its tether.

However, he couldn’t be certain. He had the nagging suspicion the divine creature hadn’t wished the humans to enter the secret realm to begin with.

The ancient beast language made the Vermilion bird pause amidst its rage.

Even in ancient times, very few humans on the Divine Abyss Continent could speak such an abstruse and profound language. He hadn’t expected to stumble upon one of them in this day and age.

“Human…” The Vermilion Bird’s consciousness brimmed with nobility....

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