Chapter 1420: The Ancient Language of the Beasts

Jiang Chen was rather surprised. He hadn’t thought that the Purple Smoke Sect’s forefather would remain so calm in such a crucial moment. The man hadn’t fled for the safety of the formation.

“Why didn’t you run to safety, Zi Tan?” Jiang Chen asked with his consciousness.

The forefather smiled wryly. “I’m taking my chances.”

He was putting a lot on the line!

The Vermilion Bird’s impending heat waves made him just as afraid as anyone else. He was was afraid of death and could feel the heat eating away at his life force.

Jiang Chen looked over at the formation vortex once more with internal conflict. All of the other cultivators were enveloped within the seven sacred lights, their figures obscured.

He didn’t know himself why he hadn’t gone in. There was just a resolute voice inside his heart that told him he definitely could not!


The heart-rending birdsong echoed forth once more. The Vermilion Bird was a crimson sun with tides of heat swirling all around. The third floor was completely subsumed.

The red light of...

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