Chapter 142: The Wish Scroll

Chapter 142: The Wish Scroll

Jiang Chen was also similarly stunned when he opened the second scroll.

He had thought that after reaching the twelfth level, the level of wishes within the Tower would be high end, high class, and grandiose.

He discovered that he’d been sadly naive.

The two scrolls that he’d selected had been enough to thoroughly destroy his illusions.

The first one was from some narcissistic female elder from the Azure Heaven Southern Palace who fantasized about retaining her youthful looks. That wish had been from a self-absorbed woman who was exceedingly sentimental about being youthful and beautiful.

The second wish scroll was actually from an alcoholic.

This person had once tasted a kind of wine somewhere called the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine. He’d only had a small bit, a mere half cup and had never tasted it again after traversing a thousand mountains and ten thousand bodies of water.

He’d reminisced over the taste of the wine continuously, and it nearly turned into an internal demon of his after decades.

Therefore, this wish scroll was to once again taste the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine and resolve his many years of yearning.

Anyone who could help him resolve this wish could find him at the Myriad Treasures Palace, and the identity of this wisher was actually a vice head of the Myriad Treasures Palace.

The reward...

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