Chapter 1419: The Crafty Jiang Chen

How did Long Baxiang spot me? I thought I was discreet enough. Indeed, his strength isn’t for show. Under the great emperor’s pressure, Jiang Chen “had no choice” but to yield. He carefully took out the brush pot.

Long Baxiang snatched the item and examined it from top to bottom, methodically examining every brush as well. However, he came up empty-handed.

“Why did you take such a lousy thing?” he asked coldly.

“I-I’m too weak for the good stuff.” Jiang Chen feigned a stutter.

Long Baxiang glared at him for a long while, then with a snort, destroyed the pot and the brushes with a twist of his hands.

Jiang Chen paled. To think the man would be so overbearing against a third rank sect’s “disciple”!

Forefather Zi almost bit his tongue.

Long Baxiang glanced at the latter and cackled. “What, have something to say? Feel free to come at me anytime if you’re dissatisfie...

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