Chapter 1417: Catastrophic Disaster

The powerful aura of the seal still lingered, yet a rush of bodies was already rapidly filtering into the palace. Past a set frosted jade stairs were the open doors of the Primosanct Sect’s sacred palace.

Before the palace were eight statues, each sculpted from ancient jade of the highest quality. They were approximately ten times the size of normal people, and appeared to be eight brutish giants from a distance, defending the palace from intrusion.

Jiang Chen felt something tug in his chest. He couldn’t move his eyes or feet away from the eight statues. The eight statues of white jade were identical to the stone statues he’d taken from the Prince of Shangping.

The actual size of the statues was obviously vastly different, but they were otherwise carbon copies of each other. One could almost say that they had been crafted from the same mold. Even the statues’ expressions and other minor details didn’t differ.

How can this be? Is this really the sacred place of the ancient Primosanct Sect? Jiang Chen...

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