Chapter 1416: Crimson Clouds Looming Overhead, An Ancient Vermilion

The frenzied atmosphere made it difficult for most to consider the same question. It had popped into the minds of many, but an instinctual conclusion that the first two had probably gotten lost or died somewhere mitigated potential concerns.

“Everyone ready? On my orders! We must all put in effort to break this seal. Remember, this sacred place is a chance to change our destinies. Anyone who doesn’t earn their keep has no right to the Primosanct Sect’s ancient heritage!”

“One, two, three… go!” A single command from Emperor Cloudbillow elicited a rush of cultivators and attacks forward. Force and energy formed a stormy tempest, breaking against the enormous pillar.


A combined attack from several hundred was earth-shakingly loud. Long Baxiang’s singular attack had only sent himself flying. This joint assault on the other hand, had made the pillar’s golden runes quiver. There was a series of loud popping noises, an ear-piercing shriek of spatial collapse.

“One more!”


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