Chapter 1415: Division of Profits

Long Baxiang’s words represented the opinions of most. Pillfire’s Cloudbillow had with him the experts of the Empyrean River Palace, Sublime Chord Temple, and Eternal Celestial Capital. They represented a much more potent force than the rest. The absence of an agreement beforehand would inevitably lead to much bickering later, which meant that Pillfire would likely win out in the end as the strongest coalition.

The Ninesuns Sky Sect’s representative spoke up. “Emperor Dragontyrant spoke crudely but correctly. We should come to an agreement right now. Otherwise, it will be hard to deal with poor division of the spoils.”

If Emperor Cloudbillow didn’t make a showing of some sort at this point, no one else would lend him their strength. Any notion of cooperation would go out the window.

The emperor fell briefly silent before speaking coolly. “We can divide the profits into ten portions. Pillfire and its allied factions will take seventy percent of the total. The Ninesuns Sky Sect and Heavenly Dragon Sect can take ten percent...

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