Chapter 1414: On The Tip of One’s Tongue

Jiang Chen sighed to himself. The voice had clearly taken control of the situation. Even the great emperors were dancing to his tune. Or bluntly put, they were being led about by the nose.

If an ancient sect’s inheritance truly was at hand, then playing along might not be a bad idea. However, Jiang Chen didn’t believe that tall tale, not even for a second. But now wasn’t the time to stand out. To wait and see had been his plan from the start.

Primosanct Sect or not, he stuck to his goal of unearthing all of the realm’s secrets and acquiring the greatest benefits.

He wasn’t so different from the others in that regard, but unlike them, he hadn’t been blinded by greed. He hadn’t fallen prey to the voice, his every step manipulated like a puppet.

“Dear juniors, it’s too early to rejoice. Perhaps...

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