Chapter 1412: An Ancient Sect?

“Hahaha, we really made it!”

“What’s with this secret realm? It prevents us from entering one moment, then lets us in the next. It must be toying with us.”

Those who’d overcome the restriction beamed with exhilaration. Even great emperors grinned from ear to ear.

Only Jiang Chen remained impassive. He was actually more vigilant than ever. They hadn’t truly passed the barrier. Rather, a certain entity inside had let them through. While everyone basked in their excitement, he observed the surroundings, taking in the tiniest detail.

This area was night and day compared to the previous ones.

Had they entered the land of the immortals? Clouds and fog wreathed the distance where a magnificent palace was located. Seven divine pillars of light piercing the sky extended from it.

“It’s right in front...

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