Chapter 1410: A Domineering Long Baxiang

The scream instantly affected the other two . Fearful of the fiery dragon forming in the air, both men descended slightly. Their descent brought the lava underneath closer; close enough to hear the boiling and popping of the lava below.  Countless geysers spurted high enough to touch the tips of their nose.

The parched air formed crests of hot air that could melt the world, suffocating the scouts with blazing heat. They could almost see the moisture in their bodies evaporate before their eyes. 

The two of them felt that the restriction would be a bit weaker lower down. Their perturbed minds were relieved a little bit by this.

At this time, something floated out from the lava beneath into their field of view.

A skeleton, to be exact, one that had been a living, breathing person only a few breaths ago. His flesh had been consumed by the lava!

Terror pulsed through the two survivors’ hearts. They wanted only to accelerate on through as quickly as possible.

Alas, the restriction...

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