Chapter 141: The Wishing Tower

Chapter 141: The Wishing Tower

The Wishing Tower was located on the west side of the Skylaurel Kingdom. This side had always been one of the most bustling areas of the capital.

The Wishing Tower was indeed a tower, and was also one of the sacred places of the Skylaurel Kingdom.

The Wishing Tower would always be quite lively every year during holidays, especially during the Mid Autumn Festival. The Wishing Tower was thronged with people then. In the Skylaurel Kingdom, the laurel tree was the national tree and it had much to do with the Mid Autumn Festival.

Laurel trees had been planted in abundance around the Wishing Tower, and the laurel flowers had already bloomed and were exuding a faint fragrance that wafted through the air for ten li.

The Mid Autumn Festival was almost here, and the half month before and after this time was the most happening, most interesting, part of the year for the Wishing Tower.

Jiang Chen finally understood what the Wishing Tower was all about, after asking around.

It turned out that the Wishing Tower was a ceremony that had been passed down in the Skylaurel Kingdom for a thousand years. Anyone from the royal family, to the most impoverished citizens,...

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