Chapter 1409: Cannon Fodder to the Fore

Amidst the crowd, Jiang Chen snickered as he watched Pillfire’s performance. It was changing its tune very quickly.

Before now, there’d been a focus on an honorable and respectable attitude. When profit was in sight however, it instantly reverted back to its old ways, dispensing with all pretense. The essence of its conduct was self-gain through any means necessary.

There was no reason for the Heavenly Dragon Sect and the Ninesuns Sky Sect to oppose this motion. They watched Pillfire’s performance with smiles on their faces, their tacit support evident.

The first rank sects had brought their own teams of elites. Losing any one member would be a tremendous blow. There was also no reason for them to actively scout ahead, given the risks.

Large sects always preferred others sacrificing themselves and dying on the sects’ behalf. There was plenty of cannon fodder to go around here, no?

How could those second-rate factions want a cut of the prize without paying something...

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