Chapter 1408: A Secret Realm Fading In and Out of Sight

Jiang Chen observed impassively from the back of the crowd. He wasn’t deluded by the display of luxury before him. Any kind of scenery could be forged by the strongest experts. Sometimes, all it took was a single formation, a small trick, or art.

In the world of martial dao, what one saw with physical eyes was never necessarily the truth. Especially given the present circumstances, what he was seeing was extra likely to be fabricated.

If this place really was an oasis, why hadn’t anyone from Phoenix Cry’s expeditions returned alive?

That was utterly illogical!

Though he could only see peaceful harmony before him, Jiang Chen felt an unnameable irritation. The chain seal in his consciousness was on high alert.

With each increase in his own strength and consciousness, the seal in his consciousness became dearer and more familiar to him. It was no longer mysterious and impenetrable. This seal likely held the secret to his rebirth and reincarnation; he just didn’t have the ability to unseal its riddles...

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