Chapter 1407: The Mysterious Light Pillars

Nothing but flames came into view when Jiang Chen fully expanded his God’s Eye. The heat was rising so rapidly that it felt like the surrounding air had spontaneously combust.

The weaker cultivators began to crumble beneath the heat. Sweat trickled unceasingly down from their foreheads. 

“Damn! Is there a huge lake of lava underneath Agarwood Valley?” Someone amongst the crowd complained.

“Master, the heat is unbearable!”

“It’s so hot! I feel like I’m going to explode!”

“This place is clearly hell! How can anyone mistake it for a secret realm?”  The crowd complained endlessly.

Jiang Chen was standing amongst the crowd. He noticed that the weaker cultivators had already begun to lose heart.

The Purple Smoke Sect’s forefather was also sneaking glances at Jiang Chen from the corner of his eyes, observing if he should advance or retreat. A crack had likely emerged in the forefather’s dao heart.

“Zi Tan, stop looking...

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