Chapter 1405: Fragrance in the Night

Emperor Cloudbillow was rather surprised. They’d hypothesized about what would happen before coming here.

By their estimates, the Heavenly Dragon Sect was sure to staunchly oppose them. That sect would have to be taught a lesson before it retreated. The Ninesuns Sky Sect should have been wiser – or so it was thought.

It seemed now that though the Ninesuns Sky Sect was a bit more polite about it, their stance was extremely firm. They would not be denied entrance into the secret realm.

Emperor Cloudbillow pondered for a few moments. Afterwards, he nodded as if he’d found an answer. 

“Pillfire has always acted in a fair and equitable manner to ensure benefit for all. Since Agarwood Valley touches upon the matter of the Boundary Steles, the proper thing would’ve been for all factions to sit down and discuss first. What good is fighting and worsening things for?”

The shift in his attitude was a shocking inversion. There was a real feeling of him caring about the wider world.

Stern consideration...

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