Chapter 1403: Agarwood Valley

“Young lord, must we do things this way?” Peerless asked, a little worried by the daring plan Jiang Chen had revealed moments ago.

The young man was grave. “I brought the three of you because I’d planned on taking control through brute force, but it’s impossible with all the great sects in the valley now. We need to think of another way.”

Peerless wasn’t entirely reassured. “But who will protect you then?”

“No matter. Pillzenith brought so many great emperors to waylay me last time, but did that stop me? No one will be the wiser once I disguise myself as a member of the Purple Smoke Sect. Even if Pillzenith were to come, what could he possibly do?”

In the past, Jiang Chen had been somewhat intimidated by formidable characters like Pillzenith.  But he’d mostly taken...

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