Chapter 1402: Purple Smoke Sect of Phoenix Cry Lower Region

The conversation with Wellspring enlightened Jiang Chen, deepening the latter’s understanding of the human domain.

“A wise man’s words are worth ten years of study. Old Brother Hui, I sincerely admire your knowledge and deep insights,” the young lord praised wholeheartedly.

“What good is scholarship if I don’t put it into practice? I can’t compare to Emperor Peafowl. If everyone was willing to act for the greater good like him, would we need fear the demons? How would humanity not flourish?” Grief tinged Wellspring’s voice.

Infighting and scheming between the various factions would only lead to disaster. Mankind’s current strength was already dismal when compared to ancient times. Continued internal strife simply added insult to injury.

Jiang Chen comforted...

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