Chapter 1401: Emperor Wellspring Vows Allegiance

Jiang Chen didn’t coerce Wellspring into taking the gift. Its significance was clear. Accepting it would be swearing fealty to the young lord. There would be no room for regrets after all was said and done.

All that was left was for Wellspring to make a decision.

He knew full well that he’d be forever subservient to Jiang Chen if he accepted the olive branch. Like the untold contract between master and disciple, there would be no going back, even though he was technically the seasoned veteran while Jiang Chen was merely a young genius.

From henceforth, he’d have to admit that he was one of Jiang Chen’s and brand himself as the young master’s loyal deathsworn. A storm was brewing inside of him.

The empyrean realm… to think that this opportunity would fall into my lap after so many years! There won’t be a second chance if I let go of this. But if I grasp it firmly, I have to swear fealty to Jiang Chen and irrevocably join Veluriyam.

Having lived for so long,...

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