Chapter 1400: An Empyrean Opportunity

Among the great emperors originally belonging to Veluriyam Capital proper, Emperor Petalpluck had the highest level of cultivation. He was comparable to the late Emperor Shura in terms of sheer endowment. 

Emperor Vastsea took second place after that.

Emperors Void, Mountaincrush, Skysplitter, and Coiling Dragon were slightly inferior compared to the previous two. Of those, Emperor Coiling Dragon was only initial great emperor.

In theory, the sole drop of kunpeng blood should have been left to the strongest of Veluriyam’s emperors. That was the resolution that made the most sense.

But prolonged observation of Emperor Petalpluck gave Jiang Chen the feeling that the man’s nature made him unsuitable for the kunpeng blood.

To put it kindly, Petalpluck was a pacifist. In other words, he put self-preservation above public good. He was irresponsible, without a strong sense of duty that encompassed the rest of the world.

Jiang Chen was none too pleased about that.

The Emperor Peafowl of yesteryear considered the fate of...

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