Chapter 1399: Expending Much Thought and Care

In a deep valley somewhere in the human domain, Emperor Sabledeep received the news as well. His starry, wisdom-filled eyes looked thoughtful. “It was hard for Daoist Peerless to reach the ranks of the top great emperors. He can push back someone like Emperor Wellspring just after his breakthrough? Will Mo Wushuang overturn the current six titan rankings?”

Considering this for a few more moments, he sighed. “The Mo Wushuang many years ago was troubled by love and emotion, and veered away from the path of true dao. But now it seems that we were the short-sighted ones. All roads can lead to the same destination, after all. His allegiance to Sacred Peafowl Mountain was an astute decision. His life before was at a bottleneck… he’s a different man after only a few years. Does that young lord Jiang Chen of Veluriyam Capital really have a golden touch?”

Different from Emperor Everviolet and his worries, Emperor Sabledeep was neither disappointed nor anxious.


The hibernating Pillzenith was positively aghast from his throne in Pillfire City. He was...

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