Chapter 1397: Sparring Between Great Emperors

That Emperor Peerless was able to break through at his age was exceptional. The outside world saw him as simply lucky. He’d received a gift from Jiang Chen after joining up, perhaps the Emperor Supremacy Pill… or so most people thought.

In actuality, Jiang Chen hadn’t even had the time to refine the pill in question. How could he have given it to the great emperor?

The latter’s breakthrough hadn’t been due to pills, but a perfect increase in martial dao understanding and physical body enhancement. The catalyst for these changes was the kunpeng bloodline.

The three drops of kunpeng blood Jiang Chen had received from the first of the Six Palaces had been distributed twice already: one to Emperor Peafowl and one to Emperor Peerless.

The remaining drop was kept with the young lord. He couldn’t give away this last one willy-nilly. In theory, he should have given one to the Jiao brothers as thanks for their staunch support. Alas, he only had one drop...

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