Chapter 1396: A Perfect Conclusion

The magnetic golden mountain was a treasury in the same way. Jiang Chen had received more than its fair share of benefits even when compared to the Bewitching Lotus of Ice and Fire. The mountain’s magnetic storms, defensive prowess, and the Lord of the Golden Seal’s offensive strength were all matched by his own increase in cultivation.

As for the mint ginseng creature, it was close in function with the Bewitching Lotus of Ice and Fire, albeit simpler in its vectors of attack. It could only entangle and unleash toxic smoke; rather excessive given his ownership of the Lotus. Therefore, Jiang Chen gave the mint ginseng as a present to his sister.

Xu Qingxuan was delighted with the ginseng. Because she was a holy maiden of the Moon God Sect, she had a few treasures on hand fitting with her position. However, she’d never held a treasure like the spirit creature before.

The eight statues Jiang Chen had taken from the Prince of Shangping back in the desolate wildlands remained mostly a mystery. Currently, he was using them to aid...

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