Chapter 1394: The Astral White Tiger Awakens

Jiang Chen furrowed his brow slightly when the Purple Smoke Sect forefather finished speaking, considering what had been said. The forefather stood deferentially nearby, out of fear that he’d interrupt the youth’s train of thought.

“So you’re saying that there’s a secret realm in Agarwood Valley, but whenever you send people inside, they don’t come back.”

“Yes,” the forefather confirmed hurriedly. “We discovered this secret realm many years ago. There’s an unspoken agreement between our local sects to not give away information to the outside world. We’ve sent in countless teams over the years, but never received a single peep in return. Our men were like rocks tossed into the ocean.”

Jiang Chen nodded slightly. He knew much more about secret realms than the Purple Smoke Sect’s forefather. In general, these were hidden and mysterious places. It was very important to grasp the right method whether entering...

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