Chapter 1393: Knocking On Doors To Apologize

“Let me say a few things first.” The Purple Smoke sect head was the first to break the stifling silence. “Hongxue, are you sure that young man was called Jiang Yu?” 

“No question about it,” Yi Hongxue sobbed. “He really was called Jiang Yu. His father always called him ‘Yu’er’.”

“Ah, that should be it then. The Jiao brothers of Mount Huai joined up with young lord Jiang Chen, so it’s understandable that he sent one of them on that errand. The young lord should know about all this, then.

“Given that that’s the case, the fact that Senior Jiao refrained from going on a killing spree means that the young lord didn’t give him permission to do so.” The sect head’s analysis was reasonable.

His captive audience felt their hearts settle down a bit.

“That father and son pair is definitely very close to young lord Jiang Chen. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent a great emperor to personally pick them up!

“Another point: the young lord Jiang Chen has no intention of destroying our sect. Otherwise, he would have given instructions...

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