Chapter 1392: Related to Veluriyam Capital?

Ancestor Ninecrows smiled, refusing to give up despite the Purple Mist Sect forefather’s silence. “Come on now, say something.”

Purple Mist’s forefather snapped, “Old man, did you come here for gossip?”

Ancestor Ninecrows smiled, “Hehe, of course not. But how can I not be curious? A great emperor is a rare sight in our region. To think your sect’s managed to invite one of them! Are you hiding something about Agarwood Valley?”

“What now? Trying to sound me out?” Purple Mist’s forefather retorted indifferently.

“Don’t misunderstand. My sect wants no part of the valley. It’s just, my imagination can’t help but run wild. I never thought your sect could become friend with this particular senior!”

Purple Mist’s forefather froze. “Do you know him?”

Ancestor Ninecrows...

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