Chapter 1391: A Terrified Purple Smoke Sect

At this juncture, no one from the Purple Smoke Sect would oppose him. Only a brainless fool would. Every elite treated the departing group with only smiles.

They hadn’t known who Jiang Yu was before this, but he demanded respect from them at present. They could tell that he’d suffered a great deal over these years at Yin Hongxue’s hand. Not slicing her head clean off was already very gentlemanly of him.

With a great emperor backing him up, a more vengeful youth would demand a river of blood. It was precisely because of this worry that the elites spared no courtesy for either the great emperor or his charges.

Yin Hongxue clutched at her stinging face, weeping incessantly. There was a positive tsunami roiling in her heart. She tasted agonizing regret on her tongue. She’d found joy in toying with men all these years, perpetually seeking one who could conquer her heart.

Someone like that had never been found. There was no man that she was forced to kneel in worship or respect. The proud Jiang Yu before...

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