Chapter 1390: Standing With Pride

Yin Hongxue was known for her dominance and condescension in the Purple Smoke Sect. However, she was discerning enough not to take out her temper on specific people within the sect. Those were too important for her to do so.

The elder before her was one of them. He was the Purple Smoke Sect’s forefather, more prominent and respected than even the sect head himself. According to rumor, he was close to two thousand years old.

She didn’t dare offend such a pillar of the sect. Moreover, the forefather was bearing down on her with an invisible pressure. Because of whom the pressure came from, her grandfather couldn’t intervene.

Yin Hongxue wanted to lie in order to brush past the question, but the forefather’s crushing aura was like mountains repeatedly crashing down on her. She could barely stand upright under the blows. Her body shivered, and her teeth clattered.

“Well? Was there?” A sharp glint entered the forefather’s eye. He was riled up in earnest.

In truth, the forefather disliked this girl a...

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