Chapter 1389: The Entire Sect Shakes

The Purple Smoke Sect’s head and elders swarmed out from their hiding places. None of them could sit tight any more; they congregated behind the forefather. Though they were uniformly terrified and apprehensive that something grave had happened, they could do little else but present themselves.

“Hmph. A few years ago, a girl and her retinue of brutish servants kidnapped a father and son pair on the road. Does anyone remember anything like that?” The unwelcome guest was none other than Jiao Yun, whom Jiang Chen had sent to the sect as an escort.

Almost all eyes of the Purple Smoke Sect’s elite glanced towards one specific old man. This elder in question had a large build and a head of monochrome hair. He was one of the sect’s venerated elders, Yin Tianchou.

The old man blushed at the collective gaze of his peers. He knew what their furtive looks meant. The girl that the unwelcome guest had mentioned was more than likely his granddaughter, Yin Hongxue.

Drops of sweat ran down the old man’s back. “D-don’t look at me like that, everyone,”...

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