Chapter 1388: An Uninvited Guest

Jiang Tong is quite the whipping post. Yin Hongxue’s frenzied lashes landed nonstop on her victim, but the latter made not a single noise of protest, as if his body didn’t belong to him.

He only hoped she’d show some compassion and accede to his request once her anger abated. However, he’d overestimated her benevolence. Blows fell one after another as if he were a beast of burden.

Why don’t you make a sound? Why don’t you beg for mercy? His stoic attitude fed her rage. What pleasure was there if her victim didn’t cry in pain? How could she ease her foul mood then?

“Yin Hongxue, stop!” An anxious shout suddenly interrupted the flogging. The next moment, a figure shot up from below.

Jiang Tong blanched.

Naturally, the newcomer was...

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