Chapter 1387: Jiang Tong And Jiang Yu

More than half of the wandering great emperors decided to stay in Veluriyam for the time being. Some had been inspired by Emperor Wellspring. Some were worried about the unpredictable situation, and some outright refused to roam the world at such a dangerous time.

Three of them expressed their regrets and left, but they made clear promises that if open war were to break out between Veluriyam and Pillfire, they’d take the former’s side.

The Pinecrane Pill had brought Jiang Chen unexpected benefits, including a newfound respect for Emperor Wellspring thanks to the latter’s wholehearted assistance.

Wellspring was a figure to match Emperor Peerless. He had wisdom and spirit in spades, compared to the latter’s forthrightness. After arranging quarters for his guests, Jiang Chen returned to his residence.

As it so happened, the men he’d dispatched to Phoenix Cry Lower Region returned that ...

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