Chapter 1386: Secrets of the Demon Race

Since all the other cultivators present were great emperors, Jiang Chen wasn’t worried about scaring anyone with the gravity of his words. Nor did he want to make anything up – he really didn’t have to.

“In fact, I’ve fought a demon expert in the human domain already. A demon great emperor that hadn’t fully awakened, to be precise.” Jiang Chen swept his eyes across each and every wandering great emperor’s face, his tone grave.

“I can guarantee that, one on one, only Old Brother Wellspring can possibly challenge that demon great emperor to a degree. And that’s assuming that the demon expert only recovers about sixty to seventy percent of his strength… as for the rest, you may be able to escape with your life if you’re lucky. Otherwise…”

Jiang Chen was absolutely right. Emperor Bloodmalva had beat him into a swift retreat with only twenty to thirty percent of his full strength. Without the young man’s plethora of lifesaving methods, perhaps he would have died during the battle in the Cloudshatter...

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