Chapter 1385: Immense Support For Jiang Chen

The wandering great emperors present were typically a solitary bunch. The only interest they had was in how to increase their own strength.

Emperor Wellspring’s perspective was one that most of them couldn’t appreciate. A few idle thoughts here and there, sure, but they never dwelt long upon them.

In their opinion, the direction of the human domain was a topic of consideration only for the leaders of large factions and sects. The tall should bear the burden when the sky falls.

Emperor Wellspring’s words shook these great emperors to the core.

“Old Brother Wellspring, is the human domain going to be in a lot of trouble?” One of the them frowned.

“You’re an honored senior, Old Brother Wellspring. We aren’t good at thinking about such difficult topics. We get headaches whenever we try. Can you tell the rest of us what to do in this situation?”

“Yes, Old Brother Wellspring. Show us the way.” The wandering great emperors respected...

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