Chapter 1384: Emperor Wellspring’s Worry

The wandering great emperors were all smiles after receiving their Pinecrane Pills.

“Young lord Jiang Chen, you have gained my eternal friendship!” Emperor Inferno was elated.

Emperor Reliance giggled. “Young lord Jiang Chen, sometimes I’m truly convinced that Old Brother Peerless made the right choice. One can truly reach great heights if they follow you. I heard that Old Brother Peerless has achieved another breakthrough while in Myriad Domain? He’s surpassed the advanced realm into the supreme realm, and is only one step away from the very pinnacle.”   

The crowd was taken aback.

The realm of great emperor was different from other cultivation levels and consisted of only six levels: half-step, initial, mid, advanced, supreme, and the peak. 

Emperor Peerless was at the very boundary of advanced realm and one step away from supreme. It was why he was ranked fourth amongst the great titans of the wandering world and placed with the likes of Emperors Inferno and Reliance.

But after his breakthrough, the rankings were due for a reshuffling....

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