Chapter 1383: The Balance Of Power in the Upper Eight Regions

That evening, Jiang Chen enjoyed a happy family reunion with Dan Fei, Nian’er, his parents, and his sister.

“Chen’er, we couldn’t be prouder of you and your sister.” Xu Meng tried valiantly to keep her husband in check, but he felt compelled to broach the subject. “I have nothing to be dissatisfied with as a father. Only, your mother gave birth to two children in the Moon God Sect. Apart from Qingxuan, you also have a younger brother. Ai, I wonder where he is now!” 

His heart ached everytime he thought of his second son. How could a parent not be distressed by the unknown whereabouts of their own flesh and blood, thrown out by the Moon God Sect to wander to the world, perhaps even to die?

Many times, he’d almost left the residence in search of his offspring. The chances were...

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