Chapter 1382: Back In Veluriyam

“The Eternal Celestial Capital is your friend and you’re afraid of the Heavenly Dragon Sect. Fine then. The Empyrean River Palace and the Sublime Chord Temple, I’ll let you pick either one.” Jiang Chen sensed Pillzenith’s hesitation and continued making fun of the great emperor.

Everytime Jiang Chen named a sect, its great emperors twitched and their hearts pounded. Although Pillzenith couldn’t possibly agree in public, they all knew how much he loved this son. What if the two parties reached a secret agreement?

Their fear was well founded. For Pillzenith, Tian Lin was worth the destruction of any sect. Why did the damn kid have to ask in front of everyone? The humiliation of today was greater than the shame he’d suffered in his entire life. If not for his son and the palace...

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