Chapter 1381: Jiang Chen’s Requests

Faced with no response, Tallpeak added, “Young lord, we’re at fault for underestimating your strength and charisma. We know now that fighting against Veluriyam would be detrimental to the human domain. Surely, you too realize the chaos it’d create? The flames of war would destroy the entire domain overnight. Senior Peafowl was a peace-loving man. Will you betray his legacy as soon as you inherit his seat?”

Alas, he shouldn’t have mentioned Emperor Peafowl. Jiang Chen bristled with rage.

“Emperor Peafowl? Have you no shame? Pillzenith, if you hadn’t plotted against him with Shura, would we be here today?” he rebuked.

Pillzenith was indifferent. 

“The strong prey on the weak. It’s the way of cultivators. His style of martyring himself and bemoaning the fate of mankind was no longer fit for the times. If I hadn’t gotten...

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