Chapter 1380: Pillfire City Submits

Emperor Pillzenith couldn’t possibly have imagined such a dramatic reversal of circumstance. Shouldn’t his son be in Pillfire City right now, protected by countless experts? Why had he inexplicably appeared here instead, in that dastardly Jiang Chen’s hands no less?

Am I hallucinating? Or perhaps Jiang Chen had found an innocent doppelganger, and dressed him up in the same likeness of his son? However, a closer glance revealed that it was quite likely to be Tian Lin in the flesh rather than a fake.

Emperor Pillzenith’s head spun. His ambitious couldn’t prevent him from panicking. The tables had turned several times over, and he couldn’t accept reality just yet. The other great emperors from Pillfire were just as flabbergasted as him.

Why was young master Tian Lin in Jiang Chen’s hands?

He had seen his father off personally upon their departure from the city. Every Pillfire emperor had witnessed this in person. Had that kid captured young master Tian Lin en...

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