Chapter 138: Time for Jiang Chen to Put on a Front

Chapter 138: Time for Jiang Chen to Put on a Front

This Elder Fei that the two medicine boys had mentioned was an extremely odd looking old man. His skinny body was accompanied by a bizarre looking head. As a result, he rather looked quite comical.

The old man’s body was as slender and thin as a stalk of ginseng, whereas his head was as flat as an old pumpkin.

This kind of strange head and body combination made this old fellow look weird no matter how he was viewed.

That pumpkin-esque head had almost no chin, but where the chin should have been was a tuft of a very long goatee.

“Greetings to Elder Fei.” The two medicine boys hastened to pay their respects when they saw the old fellow.

“The people of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace are acting more and more brazenly.” Elder Fei was quite infuriated. “How dare they throw their weight around in my Qingyang Valley!”

“Please calm your anger Elder Fei, those idiots probably thought that Elder Fei was sure to be within the palace in Qingyang Valley and wouldn’t appear here. That’s why they behaved so horrendously.”

“Mm. This explanation makes sense. But the mere fact that they dare to act wildly in my Qingyang Valley territory means that, I, this old man, am still too benevolent usually. Sigh.”

Qingyang Valley was also one of the Precious Tree Sect’s secular places for holding...

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