Chapter 1379: Jiang Chen Slaps Faces

Jiang Chen’s intrusion in the midst of their spoils discussion was a bucket of icy water doused on their heads. 

According to him, Big Horn and Old Ma had both fallen at his hand. Moreover, Emperor Heartcloud was also dead. Most of those present had come to those conclusions already, but Emperor Heartcloud’s death nevertheless created a sliver of caution. So, Jiang Chen did have the ability to easily kill great emperors!

And yet he was so young! Was it really wise to become a mortal enemy of a genius such as him?

“Pillzenith, you say that I killed Pillfire’s great emperors. Why don’t you talk about your collusion with Shura against Emperor Peafowl? Why don’t you talk about how those emperors’ presence in Myriad Domain made them necessary targets? Why don’t you understand that your ambush was what led to Emperor Heartcloud’s death?” Jiang Chen spoke at a slow but rhythmic pace.

His body flickered, then reappeared only a hundred or so yards away from the great emperors. Alas, it was difficult to make him out across...

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