Chapter 1378: Dividing The Spoils

Pillzenith wasn’t an irresolute man. On the contrary, once he made a decision, he followed it through to the end. He simply needed to consider every possible angle. Once he mobilized his troops, it would be too late to change his mind.

He thought for a long while. A vicious glint flashed through his eyes as he raised his eyebrows and scanned the crowd.

“Gentlemen, I’ve never been afraid of decisions, however difficult they are. Only, how staunchly will you stand by me? Do you plan on fishing in troubled waters, or do you genuinely desire an alliance against a common enemy?”

This was the most pressing issue.

The latter would be for the best. A sincere alliance born out of common interest made for the most solid of relations. On the flip side, he could do without a coalition that merely wanted to sit by and watch...

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