Chapter 1376: A Month-Long Deadlock

Before he’d visited the Moon God Sect, Jiang Chen had told the Goldbiter Rat King to hide Tian Lin underground, somewhere deserted. This was where he was taking his sister.

Xu Qingxuan observed the surroundings, mildly surprised by the absence of human activity within a hundred miles. “Stinky brother, cultivators would never deign to come to a place with such scarce spirit energy. Who are we meeting?”

“Hehe, you’ll know soon.”

When the young lord’s consciousness contacted the rat king, the latter immediately drilled out of the ground. “Young lord, it seems everything went without a hitch.”

Xu Qingxuan had traveled the world and seen her share of strange monsters, hence she wasn’t shocked by the sight of a golden rat as tall as an older child.


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