Chapter 1375: Departure

However, the second sectmaster had to accept reality after she was done with her rant. Against six incoming great emperors, the Moon God Sect would suffer a painful loss even if it won with a territorial advantage.

If Xu Qingxuan wasn’t here, the opposing party was much less likely to descend into actual fighting.

“What do you think, Number Two?” Because Xu Qingxuan was a disciple of the Blues, the senior sectmaster had to hear her second-in-command’s input.

The second sectmaster was rather annoyed. “Pillfire City has abandoned all semblance of basic shame. They’ve thoroughly broken with us in the public eye. What can we do? Do we face them head on, staking all that the Moon God Sect has in the process? Ai, that Jiang Chen kid is a bit irksome, but his advice is correct. Qingxuan would do well to sidestep their inquisition.”

The Moon God Sect wasn’t qualified to stand directly against Pillfire City. Whether out of fear or apprehension, they could not and would not take on the larger faction in an all-out war.

“I’m not strong...

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