Chapter 1374: Revisiting the Moon God Sect

Jiang Chen found the young man’s overconfident attitude of ‘you can’t afford to offend me, nuh uh!’ rather funny. Tian Lin had remarkable martial talent and was spoiled by Emperor Pillzenith a great deal, so he hadn’t washed himself of his natural pampered aura.

People like him carried at least a little bit of the dandyism common to their status with them. Whenever they encountered trouble, they first resorted to using their fathers’ names as the bogeyman. This was a sign of immaturity.

The unexplained sense of superiority and self-confidence was actually somewhat childish. After all, young master Tian Lin was currently a prisoner.

Why hasn’t he realized his situation yet? Jiang Chen burst out in laughter. He cut a slice of the game in his hand and bit into it. The meat’s savor filled his mouth.

“It looks like you still haven’t realized what you’re doing, kid!” spat the young master hatefully. “You won’t be satisfied until you’re staring at your doom in the face!”

Jiang Chen’s laughter became louder. As he chuckled, he tapped his knife against the...

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