Chapter 1373: Deception

As Pillzenith’s son and possessing excellent martial talent, Tian Lin had already reached initial emperor realm. Jiang Chen could have subdued him with a frontal attack, but easy capture would’ve been impossible.

He’d achieved a flawless victory instead by catching his opponent unawares. He further paralyzed his victim by sealing off acupoints.

Everything was silent in the courtyard. No one had noticed anything untoward. When he exited the yard still disguised as Pill Seven, Tian Lin’s four guards immediately crowded him.

“Where’s the young lord?” The one who spoke, a great emperor, frowned. It was past time for his master’s return, so his absence was surprising.

Jiang Chen replied with utter deference, “Your young lord asked me to bring a message that you can go back. He’s going into seclusion for a month as...

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