Chapter 1372: Capturing Sir Tian Lin

A quarter-hour later, the pill servant had spilled everything Jiang Chen wanted to know.

Thump. The young lord knocked him unconscious and tossed him aside.

“Ole Gold, he’s all yours.”

With a mischievous chuckle, the Goldbiter Rat King pounced on the man.

“Wait, give me a second,” Jiang Chen urged. “Let me borrow his identity and face first. Pill Seven. This poor sod has only this code name to call his own, how sad...”

He quickly completed his task. When he put on the servant’s clothes, there was nothing to distinguish him from the man. After ensuring he’d attracted no suspicion, he calmly returned above ground, brushed off the mud from his clothes, and slowly made his way back inside.

He was greeted with mockery from an old man with a grizzled beard. “Pill Seven, what took you so long? You only...

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